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Are you ready for a healthier life? 

Say good-bye to a life of struggle
and say hello to the best version of you
Bariatric surgery is considered the most effective method to treat obesity and its metabolic associated diseases. Optimal results are achieved when a qualified NUBARICS® surgeon performs surgery in good patients who follows nutritional postoperative care suggestions and makes smart lifestyle changes according to their nutrigenomic test results.
Find out your Body Mass Index with our calculator! 
It’s possible for you to live a leaner and healthier life. In fact, the wellness you desire can be just a decision away. Why not make this the time to take control of your health and enjoy life on your terms?
If you’re between the ages 18 and 65 and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more, bariatric surgery may be a great opportunity to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle—even if you suffer from metabolic diseases. Patients under 18 years old are evaluated on an individual basis. For many, bariatric surgery is the solution that lets them:
✔ Live longer and better
✔ Achieve more personally and professionally
✔ Sleep better and wake up fully rested everyday
✔ Improve memory and mental sharpness
✔ Exercise longer and harder  
✔ Prevent or improve hereditary and metabolic diseases
✔ Decrease medicine intake
✔ Enjoy travel to the fullest Improve their dating status and love life, and of course…
✔ Rock an amazing new wardrobe!
NUBARICS® is taking bariatric care to the next level
We go beyond safe bariatric surgery. We’re pioneering and innovating bariatric postoperative care by introducing genetic decoding and comprehensive cellular nutrition through organic plant-based supplementation. It’s a revolutionary NUtritional, BARiatric and nutrigenomICS (NUBARICS®) approach to obesity. 
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Our team
At NUBARICS®, our experienced surgeons and medical staff have been selected based on rigorous professional and personal qualifications. They have expertise in bariatric surgery and other areas of surgery and medicine as well; certifications and affiliations, awards, continuous education, professional and personal prestige, safety, care, professorship, excellent bedside manners. They’re proficient in English and share a genuine interest in the well-being of their patients before, during and post surgery. 
Give yourself
a second chance
Patient journey
It is our pleasure and privilege to assist you in your journey to a healthier life! We look forward to being on your side every step of the way, from the moment you decide to have surgery to the moment you achieve your health goals. 
Let your genes decode your health
Genetics & Innovation
The advantage of choosing NUBARICS is the opportunity of knowing exactly how to eat and to nourish according to your genes, after Bariatric Surgery. Therefore for the same cost you would pay for bariatric surgery, you will get a truly life changing opportunity.
Our protocol includes medical DNA testing of more than 30  genetic markers related to each of our patients weight gain, loss or regain, as well as markers to identify how their metabolism and health will respond better and to which foods and micronutrients according to each genetic individuality.
Success stories
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The wellness you desire may be a decision away
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