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All-inclusive programs and pricing

NUBARICS® all-inclusive program
Everything you need for a safe, effective and affordable bariatric surgery and medical tourism trip.
Our all-inclusive program:
Preoperative support:     
Preliminary health questionnaire history review     
Diagnosis confirmation     
✔ Surgery recommendation by surgeon     
✔ Surgery coordinator assistance     
✔ Preoperative conditioning guidance
✔ Airport to hotel     
✔ Hotel to hospital and back     
✔ Hotel or hospital back to San Diego or San Diego international airport     
✔ Companion welcome
✔ Two-night stay at a 5-star hotel for patient and companion
All elective surgery expenses:     
✔ Private hospital room for patient and companion     
✔ Every expense for elective, uncomplicated full hospital stay for surgery and recovery
✔ Preoperative tests:         
• Laboratory: complete blood count, chem 21, platelets, chemistry, HIV
• X-ray: chest X-ray
• 200+ genetic markers test   
✔ Preoperative surgical risk assessment by cardiologist or internist
✔ Every medical fee:         
• Chief surgeon         
• Second surgeon assistant         
• Surgical nurse         
• Nutritionist     
• Anesthesiologist
✔ Cardiologist or internist preoperative evaluation     
✔ All operating room expenses     
✔ Intraoperative safety leak test     
✔ Second postoperative safety leak test, fluoroscopy guided     
✔ Prescription medicine at discharge
Postoperative follow-up:     
✔ Access to NUBARICS® EDU with hours of useful information for your new lifestyle
✔ Nutritional guidance     
✔ Personalized diet following genetic tests results     
✔ Personalized assessment of nutritional status and interest 
✔ Organic plant-based supplementation guidance and guidelines
Find out your BMI with our calculator! 
to see whats NOT INCLUDED in our surgical package
Choose your protocol
For your convenience, we have three protocols to choose from:
Airport to hotel protocol Airport to hospital protocol | Early arrival protocol
Cost-Effective surgery in Tijuana 
The following chart shows a comparison of self-paid costs for bariatric procedures in the United States versus Mexico, included are: Gastric Sleeve, Gastric By-Pass and Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch in the United States according to The National Institutes of Health vs. prices in Mexico.
DGG-Elemnentos Web-25.png
At NUBARICS® we offer a unique combination of resources, expertise and services that’s tough to beat. There are far more expensive medical programs that don’t offer anywhere near the level care we give to each and every NUBARICS® patient. We encourage you to shop and compare—and then call us! You’ll be happily surprised with the overall value and peace of mind that NUBARICS® offers.
Affordable quality and safe surgery in tijuana is just a phone call away!
1.619.573.4667 | 1.855.700.2522
At NUBARICS®, we partner with the following trusted companies to make welcoming a new, healthier you even more affordable.
Online Shopping
Payment method
Accepted forms of payment are: Cash, Visa or Mastercard debit and credit card, cashier’s check, or electronic funds transfer.
Full payment of services can be made at any time, but should be made before or upon arrival at the hospital.
Hernia repair fee, if necessary, should be paid before your discharge from the hospital.
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