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BMI calculator
BMI Calculator
The first step to determine your candidacy for NUBARICS® is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Calculating your BMI allows us to confirm and classify your obesity. 
If you fit in the following criteria, you can consider bariatric surgery as a treatment for obesity:
• Ages: 18 to 65*
• BMI: 30 (class 1 obesity) or more**
• Previous non-surgical failed attempts to lose weight
* Younger patients may be considered for surgery on individual basis.
** Patients with a BMI of under 29.9 may be considered for surgery if they suffer from metabolic diseases or associated complications.
Obesogenic environment
Being obese is today's major health problem in developed countries. How do we address this when, for many people, their current daily lifestyle offers so many calories to eat and so few options for burning them? So many people blindly blame themselves for their obesity, not realizing they are surrounded by factors and influences that enable and contribute to their disease.
Obesity statistics
Obesity affects persons of all ages, genders, classes and ethnicities. According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the numbers for obesity reached record highs in 2016. The CDC reported that 40% of the population in the United States is obese. Other countries like Saudi Arabia (35%), Canada (29%), Mexico (28%) and The United Kingdom (27%) are likewise affected by this epidemic. 
The excessive accumulation of body fat triggers a chronic progressive, life-threatening disease linked to 40+ health risks and diseases—12 of which can be lethal. Even class 1 and 2 obesity are capable of developing, triggering or worsening diseases in a person who has unfavorable genes and bad lifestyle habits.
No one should reach Class 3 obesity. There is a reason this classification is categorized as “morbid.” In all honesty, the chances of a Class 3 obesity person losing weight without surgery are very remote.  
However, we can provide such an individual with much-needed hope. The NUBARICS® approach is the most reliable method for such a person to go from a dangerous BMI to a healthier one and—most importantly—to stay there.
Obesity is the type of disease that won’t heal just by ignoring it.
Our soft spot is teenagers
If not treated, 80% of obese teenagers will become obese adults. Bariatric surgery is a proven approach to treating obesity earlier in life. Especially when done within the context of a comprehensive program that includes pre- and post-surgical counseling and support to enable lifestyle changes—including dietary and nutritional guidance and the introduction to exercise regimens—bariatric surgery can be a permanent gamechanger that brings on a happy, active, HEALTHY life!  
Teenagers deserve the chance to start their twenties with the best version of themselves—i.e., the best health, shape and appearance possible. It’s the decade when many people set life goals, such as their vocation, career and spouse. An individual’s entire life may depend on the decisions they make during this period of life. While their options shouldn’t be limited by how they look, unfortunately others will judge them on that very factor.
One surgery that
will improve your life
Surgery on three stages of life
Bariatric surgery can and should be performed in the early stages of life and obesity as a way to avoid the progression of the disease and its future complications.
The second chance for young adulthood
There is a time in life when obesity manifests in people who were once slim, or worsens in people who were already overweight or obese.
There are great benefits and low rates of complications when bariatric surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon. For this reason, bariatric surgeries have become the most common elective surgeries performed worldwide. It’s the procedure a doctor may suggest or a patient may choose to lose most of the excess weight excess and improve quality of life.
If you are a young adult struggling with obesity, we encourage you to learn more about the NUBARICS® system. Our protocol includes unprecedented tools for overall patient health and long-term weight loss success.  
How adults are resolving and improving several diseases with one surgery
Bariatric surgery is chosen by many who are tired of the daily suffering and diseases triggered by or worsened by obesity—and who are looking for an end to doctor’s appointments and excessive medications that bring them poor results.
Multiple controlled trials around the world consistently demonstrate the superior efficacy of bariatric surgery over medical and lifestyle interventions.  
Increase 2 months of
life expectancy for every pound you lose
Benefits of eating less
Food is a source of calories and nutrients. But the food we eat can also lead to unhealthy “stuff,” like inflammatory substances, unneeded chemicals, high sodium levels, endocrine disruptors and even carcinogens. These are all presumably or clearly associated with many symptoms and diseases.
Eating less and keeping weight off after bariatric surgery also:
• Decreases cancer risk from 18 to 53%
• Improves insulin resistance and decreases diabetes risk by 44%
• Lowers the probability from any disease by 20%
• Lowers blood pressure levels, many times to normal
• Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides blood level, many times to normal
• Lowers the need for medications for any disease
• Lowers the severity of any disease
Living healthier is possible
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