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Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez

Medical Surgeon

Diplomate in nutrition

Diploma in interpretation of genetic analysis

Published author and international speaker

NUBARICS® Before and After Surgery Support Coordinator 



Dr. Gutierrez has been practicing medicine as a licensed medical surgeon for 24 years. He earned his accreditation in Laparoscopic placement of adjustable gastric band system in Lyon and Marseille, France in 2003. He has 17 years of experience providing nutritional counseling to obese, metabolic and bariatric patients. In 2019 got his diploma in interpretation of genetic analysis.


He appeared in the independent documentary “Obese City” (available on YouTube) as Sergio´s doctor, sharing the journey of a young man who loses 240 pounds after surgery. Dr. Gutiérrez was also part of an international broadcast on Telemundo about severe obesity in teenagers and gastric surgery.


International speaker

Dr. Gutiérrez’s advocacy for the professional use of nutritional supplements and his expertise in the field is highly regarded by his patients, seminar attendees and readers. As an in-demand speaker, international trainer and published author, he has shared his vast knowledge with thousands of people in several cities across the United States, Mexico, France, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina. Many have started or perfected their nutritional supplementation following his guidelines. 



Now Dr. Gutierrez is innovating bariatric care by including in the NUBARICS® program nutrigenomic and genetic testing and professional food and organic plant nutritional supplementation. These new, customized tools will help patients lose weight while also addressing their daily nutritional requirements.


Published books:

The Supplementologist (Available in English and Spanish)

Health and Nutritional Supplements (Available in Spanish)

Coming Soon


In numbers:

  • Board-certified doctor: 24 years

  • Nutritional counseling: 17 years 

  • Published books: 3

  • Countries: 8  

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