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Dr. Luis Cano

NUBARICS® Chief Surgeon
Double Board-Certified
Board-certified doctor and bariatric surgeon
Medical license: 4440662
Specialist license: 8226214


Experienced surgeon
Dr. Cano is an exceptional bariatric surgeon. He has been a licensed doctor for 17 years and a board-certified and licensed surgeon for 9 years. He graduated top of his class from medical school and his general surgery residency. Dr. Luis Cano has been performing bariatric surgeries for more than 6 years, having done more than 1,200 successful bariatric and metabolic procedures.

In addition to his academic excellence, Dr. Luis Cano is an attentive health professional. He is trustworthy and always in the mood of speaking to his patients and getting their questions answered.

Continuous education
To date, he has attended national and international training, congresses, symposiums, courses, and workshops in different countries, many of them related to laparoscopic surgery, advanced digestive system laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and bariatric and metabolic surgery.


· Mexican Association of General Surgery
· Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery.
· Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases.
· International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO).

In numbers:
· Board-certified doctor: 17 years.
· Board-certified Surgeon: 9 years.
· Bariatric Surgeon: 6 years.
· Bariatric procedures: 1,200

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