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Innovation in genetics and nutrition

Why do I gain weight faster than others and why is it harder for me to lose weight?
Did I inherit obesity?  
Why am I more susceptible to metabolic diseases?
Nutrigenomics is the area of nutrition that uses molecular and genetic science to understand how genes, nutrition, health and diseases are related in each individual.
At last! You will be able to understand how only 0.1% of your genes make you unique. At NUBARICS®, we believe the more you know about how your metabolism is linked to your genes and how it responds to food, the better chances you have to maintain optimal weight, personalize your nourishment and avoid chronic diseases after weight-loss surgery.
Our all-inclusive surgery program includes medical DNA testing of 70+ genetic markers related to weight, food, nutrients and exercise. The results will enable you to make specific and accurate choices with regards to food groups and supplementation. You’ll also learn about the over 100+ genetic markers that impact some aging, chronic, metabolic and oncologic diseases, and even emotional traits.  
Nutrigenomics, the answer may be in your genes
Find out your BMI with our calculator! 
If you want to live longer and better
-and get to know your genes!--
NUBARICS® nutritional
supplementation program
Maintain optimal nutrition status after surgery with NUBARICS® comprehensive food and organic plant-based supplementation program.
Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez, published author and international speaker on nutritional supplementation, has created guidelines for NUBARICS® patients as part of our innovative system. With his guidance you will be able to assure adequate and sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and essential amino acids to meet your daily requirements during weight loss. This is achieved through minimal calorie intake, using certified food and organic plant-based supplements.
NUBARICS® patients aren’t
just lighter; they’re well-nourished, healthy and fit
Nubarics EDU
NUBARICS® EDU is part of your postoperative support program. Our team is constantly selecting and uploading hours of webinars, videos and podcasts filled with useful information for your personal transformation. It will be available to you in our exclusive patient portal.

Optional DNA testing of 200+ genetic markers

Our vision:
To be a medical tourism agency known around the world for its excellence in bariatric and aesthetic post-bariatric surgical results and life-changing post-operative support.
Our mission:
To give people a second chance to live healthier, better and longer by stopping and reversing obesity and its complications through internationally-approved bariatric surgeries, cutting-edge genetic testing and nutritional supplementation within a caring, safe and memorable medical tourism experience.
Core values
Safety. Is at the core of NUBARICS®, driving every action, for every patient, by every member of our team.  
Excellence. Professional and personal; we surpass the good and the expected.
Care. We treat patients as we would treat a member of our family.
Trust. Is earned and maintained by delivering truth.
Support. We are here for our patients, before, during and after their treatment.
We have assembled the most integrative bariatric group ever in the city of Tijuana, Mexico to make the highest level of care and best possible long-term outcome available to our patients.
The NUBARICS® bariatric group has a combined 70-plus years of experience through its gifted and certified surgeons, nutrition and supplement experts, and genetic counselors.
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