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Medical tourism

Tijuana is a top medical tourism destination
In December 2019 CNN´s affiliated magazine Expansion, quotes Mexico as the most popular destination on the American continent for medical tourism and second in the world after Thailand; and according to in January 2020, Tijuana is one of Mexico’s top destinations for medical travel.
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The city of Tijuana offers more options for bariatric surgeons than any city in México and quite possibly any city on the American continent. Patients recognize it as an exceptional choice for medical tourism.
Tijuana’s proximity to San Diego International Airport, its level of expertise in bariatric surgery, experience in medical tourism, and affordability coupled with its safe, modern, and specialized hospitals lead thousands of patients to cross the border each month for surgery and exceptional care.
Medical tourism is an excellent option for patients who:
  • Cannot or don’t want to pay unreasonably high costs of bariatric surgery in their country.
  • Have lost patience waiting for surgery approval
  • Are at risk for metabolic complications and wish to have surgery soon
  • Lack insurance that will cover the cost of bariatric surgery
  • Want to travel while having elective surgery
  • Seek surgeons who are top experts in this field
We will take care of every detail
Personal assistance 
With NUBARICS®, you receive personal assistance every step of the way—from scheduling your surgery and selecting your surgeon and procedure, to booking your flight arrangements, lodging, surgery, and postoperative care.
During your hospital stay, you’ll be under the care of NUBARICS® team members and hospital staff specialists. Once you return home, a new chapter of your life begins! A dedicated team of NUBARICS® professionals will support you in your after care. 
Private professional transportation from airport to hotel, hospital, surgery purposes, back to hotel and airport is included in your medical tourism package. 
Flying to San Diego and traveling to Tijuana
Arrive at the San Diego Airport at the time requested for your surgery plan.
Check weather and travel light; a wheeled carry-on luggage may be sufficient for what you need during your stay. Please don’t bring jewelry or valuables.
Bring a supportive companion.
After a 30-minute drive, you’ll arrive at your hotel or hospital.
Border crossing from US to Mexico and back
A bi-national customs and immigration procedure is in place.
Bring your valid passport or border-crossing card along with your FMM document filed.
Not legal in Mexico: Firearms and recreational drugs, including any marijuana product (even medical); narcotics (even prescribed, such as morphine). As a precaution is best is to leave all these at home.
Your prescribed medications for surgery recovery are approved to enter the United States by customs. Nevertheless, avoid crossing narcotics such as tramadol, since it´s illegal to enter the US even with a Mexican prescription and by trying you could jeopardize your entire experience.  
U.S. Dollars are accepted everywhere in Tijuana at a favorable rate; buying pesos is not necessary.
Declare to customs any amount over $10,000 US dollars or equivalent in any currency. Some telephone companies include Mexico in their international plan; they have amazing Wi-Fi and cell service and are not subject to international charges. Be sure to check cell cost and coverage with your carrier before your trip. Make sure your companion has no warrants of any kind. Even unpaid tickets will be detected when crossing back to the United States. The time it takes to perform any investigation could jeopardize your return flight.
Check the U.S. Custom and Border Protection for lawful residents website at:
Check non-permitted items across the border, as well in the following link:
Returning Home
Purchase your return ticket from San Diego International Airport between 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Your driver will transport you and your companion from your hospital or hotel to the San Diego International Airport. Double-check your belongings before your leave.
San Diego as a travel location
San Diego is known as one of America´s finest cities. Its Gaslamp Quarter, located in proximity to the airport, offers many popular attractions. You may wish to plan a short stay after your surgery to enjoy San Diego’s unparalleled vibe and weather before traveling back home.
Extending your stay at your expense is possible. Inform your coordinator about your plans and request a special fare in your lodging.

Hotels and lodging

Up to a two-night stay at a 4- to 5-star hotel is included in the price of your surgical plan. Your coordinator will make arrangements for you and your companion at any of the following hotels. Availability will depend on the days of your stay.

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