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Attributes of great medical tourism companions

If you like to travel, you should know how important travel buddies are, and medical tourism is no different; a good travel companion will make your experience even better. To assure it, I will share the attributes we have observed in the best travel companions we have met; not meaning that your companion has to comply with all unless you are friends with Mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi.

In the process of selecting your companion, look for these attributes or let them know what you require of them. By the way, for your peace of mind and comfort with NUBARICS®, your companion can be on your side during your complete hospital stay, our hospitals accepts patient companions 24/7.


Your experience includes an airplane trip, crossing borders, hotel accommodations, and a hospital stay. If the companion you have in mind finds this is exciting and fun, likes to travel, know places, meet people from other countries, taste different food, and being treated with charm; it’s a go!


A good companion supports your decision of having bariatric and metabolic surgery in a foreign country; perhaps they have been with you in the process of selecting a surgeon and a procedure. A supportive companion is optimistic about your future results and is looking forward and happy about your transformation as much as you are.


Remember that you are the most important person during this trip; your companion should be able to keep up with you in every step of your process without becoming irritated. Your companion gives you peace of mind, not the other way around.

Cooperative and polite

You will be under our care and supervision in every step of your process; nevertheless, your companion should be able to solve the immediate and personal needs you may have, i.e. making a phone call, sending a message, handing a tissue paper, water cup, or having a conversation with you during your recovery. Your companion may also communicate on your behalf during your hospital stay.


Inform your companion that unsolved issues with the law of any kind; even unpaid tickets may pop-up when reentering your country. If such thing occurs, you jeopardize or even loose your returning flight, since investigations takes so long. You may also share with them the information on our website about illegal articles across borders.

Previous experience

The best medical companion may be someone who has experience medical tourism before, as a patient or as someone else companion. In some cases it may be the person who inspired you to take this important step in life, such person understands your needs during surgery and the overall experience and protocol.

At NUBARICS® we don’t just help people lose weight. We put them in a path to a healthier, happier life.

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