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Surgeons and medical staff

Who are we?
NUBARICS® is the most integrative bariatric group in Tijuana, Mexico. Our experienced surgeons and medical staff have been selected based on rigorous professional and personal qualifications. They have expertise in bariatric surgery and other areas of surgery and medicine as well; certifications and affiliations, awards, continuous education, professional and personal prestige, safety, care, professorship, excellent bedside manners. They’re proficient in English and share a genuine interest in the well-being of their patients before, during and post surgery. 
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Well-rested surgeon policy
Safety is a core value at NUBARICS®. Our chief surgeons perform no more than three bariatric surgeries per day and there are always two surgeons present during each procedure. In this way, we prevent fatigue and ensure your surgeons will be fully rested during your procedure.
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Believe in yourself as much as we believe in you
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Dr. Luis Cano
Board certified and bariatric surgeon.
NUBARICS® Chief Surgeon.

In numbers:

  • Board-certified doctor: 17 years

  • Board certified Surgeon: 8 years

  • Bariatric Surgeon: 6 years

  • Bariatric procedures: 1200+

Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez
Medical Surgeon, Diploma in Nutrition.
NUBARICS® Before and After Surgery Support Coordinator.

In numbers:

  • Board-certified doctor: 24 years

  • Nutritional counseling: 17 years 

  • Published books: 3

  • Countries: 8  

LN Damaris López
Licensed in Nutrition and Food Sciences.
In numbers:
• Double diploma in bariatic nutrition
• ISAK Certified
Dr. Manuel Núnez
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Abe-nubarics - headshot.png
Dr. Manuel Núñez
NUBARICS® plastic and reconstructive surgeon Certified Plastic Surgeon with 26 years of experience.
Elizabeth De la Torre
NUBARICS® Postoperative Patient Support Assistant.

Elizabeth is one of many successful Nubarics® patients. After carrying class one obesity in her late forties, she is now enjoying life in her normal weight range after one year of her sleeve surgery.

Along with Nubarics® health professionals, she is dedicated to supporting patients after their surgery.
NUBARICS® Patient Coordinator
Abe is an experienced patient coordinator. He assists them with their travel plans, he is also in charge of their transportation and hotel bookings.

Once patients arrive in Tijuana, Abe will welcome them at the hospital to guide them in their preoperative process.
Abraham Nunez
Lose weight, not years of your life
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